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Soirée d'ouverture à XXX

半張飛 Fast Forward

Hong Kong | 2013 | 92 min | Drama, comedy

Stephen Chan

Discovering a good movie and meeting the right person in your life are similar in many ways : just one single look, and it will change your life

Bike與舊電鋼 Bike And Old Electronic Piano

China | 2013 | 174 min | Documentary, music

Shao Pan 卲攀

The two main characters are both music lovers. One man quit his job in a state-owned factory to study composing and now writes more than 100 songs. The other learned piano and MIDI all by himself

好久不見德拉奇 Millets Back Home

Taiwan | 2013 | 72 min | Documentary

Sayun Simung

Millets Back Home uses the sowing of millet to symbolize the traditional way of the indigenous Taiwanese culture and its emphasis on family value

Tongues Of Heaven

Taiwan | 2013 | 60 min | Documentary

Anita Chang

Tongues of Heaven is about the disappearing Taiwanese indigenous languages and the effort to conserve them

Seuls À Bord Alone On Board

Belgium | 2013 | 92 min | Horror, comedy

Jean-Francois Guay

Capra is an insurance salesman. One day, after an attack, he meets an unknown woman who came to his rescue. He decides to follow her; even if he has to look death in the eyes to do so... From very close by... 

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CowJews and Indians

USA / 94 m / 2014 / Documentary

Marc Halberstadt


My Jewish family lost its home to the Nazis. I decide to go to Germany to get our home back. In Germany, I suddenly realize I'm a hypocrite: in America I'm living on and profiting from the land taken from the Native Americans. And then I have an idea: If Germany owes me for sixty five years of back rent, and I owe the Native Americans for sixty five years of back rent, why not let the Native Americans collect directly from Germany and cut out the middleman? 

Las Vegas Story

USA | 2013 | 95 min | Drama

Directed by Byron Q

Maria is an Escort working in the city of Las Vegas to support her 4 kids. When 2 friends from her past come back into her life, it pushes her to re-evaluate the choices she made and what the future holds.

Go In The Wilderness

Canada | 2013 | 61 min | Fantasy, drama

Directed by Elza Kephart

Lilith, Adam's first mate, escapes the Garden of Eden and learns to make her way in the outside world.


Russia | 2013 | 49 min | Documentary

Directed by Anna Shishova

This is a road movie about one Russian girl, who left everything and moved to India. She has nothing except small bag and tragic story behind.

La Peau de L'Autre Intimate Canvas

Belgium | 2013 | 73 min | Documentary

Directed by Yves Mora

The film trails a nomadic work of art, grafted on human canvas—a touchingly human encounter.
Shot in Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, Athens, Prague, Oslo, Bergen, Stockholm…

Purok 7

Philippines | 2013 | 93 min | Drama

Directed by Carlo Obispo

Set against a backdrop of laid-back living and copious optimism characteristic of country life, Purok 7 is an endearing tale of innocence and reality, and the wonderfully inescapable bonds of community.

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Espagne / 16min / Drame / Néstor Ruiz

Le pont

Etats-Unis / 23min / Documentaire / Alia Diab


France, Chine / 17min  / Drame / Jérôme Duval



Canada / 4min / Animation / Allison Coon-Come



Australie / 11min  / Science-fiction / Alan E. Bennett



Portugal / 15min  / Horreur / Tiago Inacio


La veille

Hong-Kong / 5min  / MV / Nicola Fan



Grèce / 9min/ Animation, MV / Dionysis Maharajas

Hsu Ji derrière l'écran

France / 24min/ Fantastique, Animation  / Thomas Río


Nouvelle-Zélande / 9min  / Drame / Chris Lambert


France, Chine / 12min  / Fantaisie /  Jérémy Rubier


Lily dans le broyeur

États-Unis / 14min/ Drame, fantastique / Michael  Morgenstern

Intérieur de l'Ombra

Espagne / 13min  / Fantastique, Animation /  Arnau Segarra Braunstein

Mal Passado

Brésil / 20min  / Horreur, Comédie /  Julio Wong


媚姐 Mei

Hong Kong, États-Unis / 5min  / Animation / Margaret To


Des moments

Royaume-Uni / 6min / Comédie musicale / Chris Cronin


Mon crayon vert

Iran / 2min / Animations /  Yalda Ataei


O Desejo de Saiuri

Brésil / 20min /  Fernando Sanches

Vieux compagnon

Australie / 12min  / Thriller / Sam Dixon


Pologne / 14min / Fantastique, Animation /  Kasper Piasecki

Rythmes de résistance

Canada, Brésil / 29min  / Documentaire / Jason O'Hara



Australie / 20min  / Animation / Jilli Rose



Espagne / 9min / Comédie


Le procès

Royaume-Uni / 11min  / Science-fiction / Mark Player


Guérison traditionnelle

Canada / 2min / Animations



Azerbaïdjan / 19min / Drame / Bahman & Bahram Ark

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