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Longs métrages 2012

El Lenguaje del Tiempo

Chile | 2011 | 87 min | Drama, thriller

Directed by Sebastian Araya Serrano

A Man and a Woman who get together after several months of absence in an attempt to reconcile their differences

Re: Play-Girls

Japan | 2011 | 94 min | Fantasy, action

Directed by Yuki Saito

Michi, a high school girl with a seemingly perfect life is on a quest to her own death in the suicide game, "Re:Play-Girls".

Fambul Tok

USA | 2011 | 83 min | Documentary

Directed by Sara Terry

Fambul Tok tells the story of healing in post-conflict Sierra Leone through the intimate stories of perpetrators and victims

O que há de novo no amor?

Portugal | 2011 | 121 min | Drama

Directed by Mónica Baptista/Maria Sigalho/Hugo Martins/Tiago Nunes/Hugo Alves/Rui Santos, Patrícia Raposo

大東方 Orient Top Town

Hong Kong | 2011 | 83 min | Documentary

Directed by Wong See Yuen

Contemporary visual artists in Shanghai and real estate developers forms a curious partnership amidst a construction boom in the run up to Shanghai hosting World Expo 2010

Cultures of Resistance

USA | 2010 | 73 min | Documentary

Directed by Iara Lee

Does each gesture really make a difference? Can music and dance be weapons of peace? 

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Dusk of the Peeping Tom

Japan | 2010 | 65 min | Comedy, action

Directed by Taku Kuroda

As the protagonist is searching for his girlfriend who has disappeared for 2 weeks ago, he happens to meet voyeurs and flashers in the midnight park

Nage-ire: Essence of Japanese Spirit

Japan | 2009 | 24 min | Mockumentary

Directed by Taku Kuroda

There is an ancient Japanese sport which involved throwing cut flowers in a vase to a certain aesthetics.  The women are professionally trained ; the flowers are thrown to kill

2 Night

Israel | 2011 | 87 min | Drama, romance

Directed by Roi Werner

In a city where everything is possible, a guy and a girl are looking for the impossible - a parking place

Patient 17

United Kingdom | 2011 | 90 min | Mystery, thriller

Directed by Tuyet Le

Sam and Gaby, 2 medical interns, are asked to investigate patient Sarah in a criminal case. But as they search for the truth, they witness unexplained events

不設房 Roomless

Hong Kong | 2011 | 93 min | Comedy, drama

Directed by Kingman Choi

Wai and prostitute Mei live together in his tiny room. With his growing affection for Mei, Wai risks smuggling illegal drugs into China in order to earn some fast money for a better life with her

Teneriffa Exit

Germany | 2011 | 91 min | Drama

Directed by Bernd Heiber

Two people on a stroll at the end of an night, at the end of the Berlin myth of Prenzlauer Berg: they are sexy, they are young, they are forlorn

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