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Submission 作品征集
You have worked hard and have come this far.  Now, show your film to the world ! PUFF welcomes films in 6 categories : feature films, short films, documentary, animation, new frontier projects and original sound.   
We are now OPEN for submission to the 10th PUFF 2020 .  
Currently we only accept submissions on FilmFreeway or by invitation. 
PUFF is a Luminaries Gold member of FilmFreeway : for festivals running continuously for more than 10 years.

Here are some tips for indie filmmaker when submitting their films : 

1. Send in your film early.

2. Send an online screener ; if you have a trailer, send that too.  It's even better if you could send the festival a film file. 


If you are worried about copy rights, send us a 480p file.  The resolution is too low for any screening purposes, yet our judges could quickly review parts of your film multiple times when needed.  Online screeners can be slow depending on the WIFI provider. 

3. Write a good synopsis.  Any other information is not necessary.  The film speaks for itself.  

4. If you are a woman filmmaker from South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa, PUFF provide a full fee waiver.  We also provide assistant to women filmmakers too.  Write to us directly if you have any questions

PUFF is run by a small group of passionate film curators, academics and filmmakers.  We rely on volunteers and individual contributions.  PUFF is not funded by any governmental art funding to remain a truly independent platform for all filmmakers.   Running a film festival is like making an indie film,  it's back breaking work.  PUFF is a registered non-profit organisation; so please support us.   

Feature Film

World cinema dramatic showcase : these will be exceptional feature films of over 70 minutes by some of the best and most exciting filmmakers around the world.

You have something to say; but you expressed it not in a documentary.  Somewhere hidden in your script, it carries an even more profound message than merely a presentation of facts.  It could be a love story, or it is your country’s politics that drives your script.  It could be a thriller, but in fact, you want to talk about an idea that subvert the status quo. 

Short Film

Always the most popular of our categories and rightfully so, the only limit is your idea : narrative, documentary, experimental and original films from around the world of under 60 minutes.


Documentaries of over 60 minutes that examine issues which will change our perception of what’s happening around us.  Features in this category are unlike those usually seen on television.  Documentary films create a unique narrative form and became an art in itself.


PUFF Animation is renowned in Asia for showcasing amazing and outstanding new animation work.  PUFF Animation Program was viewed by over 20,000 during the West Kowloon Cultural District Film Tent on 1st and 2nd December 2012. Created by hand or by software, 2D or 3D, animation stretches our imagination and creates different spheres in storytelling. Animation spotlight showcase both short (under 60 min) and feature (over 60 min) animation films.

New Frontier

Experimental and innovative, these films are a convergence of film, art, and new media technology. Transmedia, 3D inspiration and alternative intervention that challenges the film festival language and cinematic presentation. PUFF Experimental are first screened during the film festival and then selected artists will be invited to create a stand-alone exhibition in alternative spaces, theatres and galleries in China.

Sound & Score

Two Worlds Collide - It is not the image alone that creates the meaning; the language of film is created by both sound and sight. PUFF hopes to create an alternative way to think about scoring.   The score and sound design not merely enhance the emotion of the writing, but provides a commentary in contrast to the visuals or leads the narrative flow of the work. Submit the whole film with a summary highlighting the section of the film that illustrate your skills as an original songwriter or sound designer

Information for Filmmaker's Submissions


PUFF has established as one of the most important premiere and showcase destinations for independent films from around the world. Last year, 68 films were shortlisted for competition from over 24 countries; and 9 feature films and 11 short films were World Premieres.


The films were screened over 3 weekends in multiple locations in 2019 in the global city of Hong Kong, serving as a gateway to audiences in the rest of China. PUFF also held an Indie Cinema in OCT in Shenzhen, China as part of the festival in 2019. 

The highly competitive selection focuses on films with narratives that break new grounds, ideas that transcend our times and courage that inspires the world. 

What makes PUFF, China becoming a heavy weight is also of its strong curating and programming of the New Frontier program. This program challenges the film festival and film watching language - thus pushing the frontier to transmedia, 3D intervention, experimental and innovation forms for cinematic presentation.

Countries that took part include : China, Italy, Germany, UK, Serbia, Romania, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Canada, Norway, France, Spain, India, Australia, and Japan. 



Artistic Focus and Objectives

PUFF creates a platform for established and emerging filmmakers and artists whose work may not easily fit into a commercial film festival.  Our New Frontier films pushes film language and storytelling to new limits; our Documentaries reveal real topics that need a more dynamic global discussion; our Feature Films represent the best there is in independent film production around the world from Africa to Argentina and PUFF's celebrated Shorts and Animation programs tells the unconventional as well as universal stories as an art in their own right.

The Festival will consider dramatic, narrative, documentary, experimental or animated films, trans-media, 3D inspiration and innovative forms of videos or digital audio-visual productions that pushes the boundary of cinematic presentation.

For Features Films in the "Underground & Politics" Category, please send a short & concise mission statement about your viewpoint or cause; state your budget and if it is self-financed.  The festival will factor your budget into our consideration. 

The Festival will not consider demo reels, commercials or advertisements, video or new media games. Films with prior commercial release, industrial and instructional productions, music videos, infomercials, obvious branded content or films with pornography or extreme violence.

All films including English must be subtitled or dubbed in English unless dialogue is not essential to comprehension and appreciation.  The audience in Hong Kong needs English subtitles to fully understand the film even though people here all learn English in school.  We highly recommend English films to add English subtitles for the audience.  

Entrants are responsible for securing all necessary rights and permissions for the Festival’s exhibition of each film submitted and use of all accompanying materials. 

Filmmakers and producers corner :  ask us anything ! 

Thank you for your message.

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