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PUFF's Pick of the Month 
Cellmate (12:30min | Iran) 
Every year around the world, 12 million girls are married before their 18th birthday. 
Support Cellmate.  Let's make some action.  Director by Behzad Khodaveisi , an actor and producer, he is also known for Daughters of Winter (2018)

Watch our pick of the day trailer by one of our staff members
PUFF is a non-profit organisation dedicated to showcasing emerging filmmakers.  Since 2011 , we have screened more than 250 films from over 30 countries.   
Our past screenings have been free for all audience.  This year , 2020, PUFF is launching our first online film club.  Please support ! 
All our team members are volunteers from the film academic and independent film communities.  

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Trailer for Alone and Lunchtime
Trailer for Alone and Lunchtime
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Audio Love Letter to Hong Kong ( PUFF 2019 )
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Samon Trailer ( Experimenta X Screen )
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