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Recommended Films of the Week

The Loop by Mike Sakas
Documentary | 20m | 2019 | Hong Kong

PUFF team says : A much deserved film to be screened in Hong Kong : a special cause with a lot of heart that will raise environmental awareness in Hong Kong.

One Island, two people, a unique expedition.  Two adventurers climbed the cliffs of their home island, their challenge was obstructed by tons of pollution that was swept up the coast every day,

Safari Park by Michaël Massias 
Comedy | Action | 1 hr 32 min | 2019 | France
PUFF team says :  Nailing all the ironies and humour of contemporary French culture , a vision of the new generation that very few tourists would see. 
Since February 2020,  PUFF team is now based in both Paris and Hong Kong.   So this film means a great deal to us because we feel connected to the amazing talented filmmakers here. 
In the near future, France is in recession for the tenth consecutive year. Record unemployment, social misery and urban violence are part of the daily lot. The morale of the households is at its lowest. Fortunately, the SAFARI PARK begins its new season.
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