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How to make your first film ?


1 Star power

Finding an actor who has a fan base to lead in your film could  lead to funding.  Write a part specifically for an actor ; there are plenty of actor who are willing to work for less if they know your script may lead to film festival awards.   Try to write more than one feature film script ;  practice and do not get bogged down in only one story. 

2 Producer

find a good core team.  The best size is 2-5 core members.  This is the hardest part because you need someone who believes in you and share your vision.   

3 Funding

crowdfunding, angel investment,

joining a film company or all of the above. 

4 Essentials

pay your most important people; these are usually your Director of Photography and sound and music technicians. 

5  There is always another way

animation, documentary ; find a new way or medium to make your movie.  Do not get stuck in thinking there is only one way to do it.

6 Showing your film

many first time filmmakers underestimate the resources you need to show your film once you have completed it.  Negotiate a distribution deal before you start making your film: there are many online streaming and movie platforms.  Do not limit to just your home country; explore others too.  

7  Creative PR

do you know any friends who work in PR ?   Build a social media following by offering your own film production experience ;  work with start up that has a synergy with your film's subject matter.  Find a way.  Never give up.

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