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Experimental Projects

PUFF's special experience in curating cross media and non-conforming genre of films and videos makes us special in Asia.  


If your work can not be defined in any categories, then you have found the right place.  


Each trans-media, kinetic performance, sound installations, virtual reality, new frontier video and live cinema project is treated as special here.   Once your work is selected, we will work with you to present the project backed up with research, essays and interviews.


To give you an idea, we curated a film program in October 2016 in an amazing museum at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum in Beijing.   We presented 6 experimental films in a month long exhibition as part of the Biennale in Beijing.  


PUFF 's innovative program does not confine to a cinema, we go far and wide for you !   Show us what you got  : 


Live Cinema  :  PUFF curates and presents The Lives of Hamilton Fish in collaboration with live music space Hidden Agenda in Hong Kong.   The film is a feature length rock opera, and all the roles are sung by one  performer : director Rachel Mason. 

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