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Since our beginning, PUFF has shown films by more than 350 filmmakers during our festivals.  This online channel is made for filmmakers so that their hard work is not hidden or forgotten after the film festival showings. 


PUFF films will be available in Hong Kong only; and the purpose is to showcase the talents of our filmmakers to their potential collaborators and producers in Hong Kong,  



PUFF Zone proudly presents our first batch of narrative and experimental films.  These twelve films are Hong Kong premieres and are selected from the PUFF 2011-2016 Official Selection.    

This program features films of different lengths and genres,  from 2 minutes to 90 minutes and from narrative to documentaries to cross-genre experimental films.  The South African director of Sea Pavillion,  one of our short film highlights,  showcased his skills in camera work and  rhythm in a 10 minute work without the use of spoken words.  As for feature length films, we will show a documentary which tells the insider story of the art market and of how starving artists in China strive to make art and to survive.  




What's your most memorable thing / happenings in 2016 ? 

I hate to say it.  But the thing that most come to mind right now is Donald Fucking Trump getting elected as president. I had been making fun of his candidacy incessantly for two years and had been snarkily saying that I have been calling the US elections a reality show for at least 3 cycles. But not even until late into election night when it became inevitable that he was going to win that I actually believed that he has won. I am still in a kind of denial. My key take-away of this is that politicians don't dictate our lives. It is the perfect time to rise up and take initiative to create the world we want to live in, both on a personal and societal level.  


Are you working on a new film / script / poetry / music / writing .. ? 


Thank you for asking.  I am currently in NYC developing a non-fiction animated feature with Unison Films. I have sworn to secrecy the exact nature of the project. But let's say it has to do with fostering the understanding that our whole planet, and by extension, the whole universe, is one organic whole.  It is an ambitious and potentially influential project with talented people behind it. I am honoured to be a part of it. 


I am also writing a philosophical comedy screenplay. I am stoked to get on the page everyday.  Let me just leave it at that for now.

What's enlightenment means to you ? 


Enlightenment to me today means to be able to decipher whether the moment to moment impulse to act (or not act) within you comes from a place of love or place of lack. Act when it comes from a place of love.  And don't. when it comes from a place of lack. 


Who is your favourite filmmaker / film if we ask this question today ?


Quentin Tarantino was my first first hero in filmmaking.  He lost me a bit over the years.  I recently saw Pulp Fiction again on TV. And it reminded what a masterpiece the film is and what a genius Tarantino is.  


What's on your music playlist ?  


I am listening to Bessie Smith these days.  


What's the last film that you saw and on what platform ? 


The Intern.  On US Cable. Only the second half. And thought it was surprisingly compelling and touching (hate to admit that I even shed a tear or two) :)





Marchen  - ( 11min / Japan & France / Experimental )   This is a collaboration between a Japanese director and a French cinematographer,   This story has all the elements of a fantasy experimental work :  the young female director uses a mix of real life acting and animation, a sexy Red Riding Hood as the heroine and tells the story in the style of a silent movie. 

Orgasmo - ( 11 min  / Spain / Drama / Shorts )  The script is created by a woman screenwriter, Julia Lozano.  She uses a woman’s point of view , to describe two twenty year old girls who wanted sexual freedom and to break out from their conservative parents.   On one hand, they wanted to be free, on the other hand, they are afraid to get hurt by the boys.   How should the new millennium woman walk this new path ?  


48K -  ( 2 min / Spain  / Drama / Shorts ) This two minute video work is compact, fast paced and the director made use of a unique point of view, to capture emotions that are shared by both man and dog :  and that is love and trust , and the happiness of companionships.  Sometimes, however, these precious moments are futile because human nature has its blind spots.  We do not recognise true love even when it is right under our nose.    

Paganini - ( 3min / Spain / Comedy ) Spanish tiger mothers will support their sons no matter what.  Even when they are singing in the shower. 

Orient Top Town 大東方 – ( 87min  / Hong Kong & China / Documentary ) What is the relationship between real estate and art ?  The right touch and the use of art can upscale shopping malls or residential properties.  Through the personal stories of artists in Shanghai, this documentary explains how the art market works and the real meaning behind those astronomical art prices.   Can this be a reflection of the cultural developments in Hong Kong ?   


6.  Sea Pavilion - ( 10min / South Africa / Experimental )  The director captures the hauntingly beautiful landscape of South Africa and uses the colours to convey a story of mystic.  This is a special recommendation by PUFF.  A showcase of the director’s very own cinematic style.    

7.  Preferential Treatment -  ( 3 min / Spain / Comedy )  This film gives a shout out for every one who had lost their savings through investing in special financial products.  

8.  神奇登山者 El Alpinista -  ( 4 min / Spain / Comedy )  We have this term called “ no-use youths “ to describe our a new generation of millennium young people.  Here in Spain, they have the same type of youths.  Only that their lives are not “no-use”.   Watch this film to find out how they managed to “climb to the top “ despite waking up every day at noon. 

9. If Only Cats Could Talk -  ( 56 min / USA / Documentary ) In the sunny beach of Huntington, California lives a woman and her grey cat.  One day, the cat was lost.  Her home and her life became empty and quiet.   A private investigator who specialises in finding lost cat volunteered to help her.  This is a moving story about finding the cat.     

10.  Lapsus -  ( 30 min / France / Drama ) We like this film for its mix sexiness and blood portrayed by the French director.   

11.  Intimate Geography  ( 2 min / Australia - Argentina / Experimental ) 

Sometimes when we watch too much travel programs on television, we would gradually forget what the word travel really means.  This short film hopes to revisit the romance of travels.  Video artist and traveller Steven Eastaugh had travelled to more than 80 countries in the past 30 years.  He said his life is an “ until life” , one that his body cannot be rooted in one location.  The beauty and hardship of travels and the discovery of foreign land and people, ultimately is an understanding of the inner self and and exploration of spiritual enlightenment.  


12  Road to Day Dream Mine ( 10 min / Hong Kong -Australia / Experimental )  - PUFF founder Gina See-Yuen Wong filmed this work in the red desert of Outbacks, Australia.   She remembers her grandmother in this poetic short film who was a pioneer in her times.  Her grandmother ran a salt trading shop and traded in shares and stocks in the 1930s in Hong Kong when most women did not even know how to read and write.    And that is to contrast with women in Hong Kong today. 


Whilst most women have their own jobs in 2016,  they are still struggling between their traditional roles and demands from their families.  This is highlighted by the fact that from Hollywood to Hong Kong to many parts of the world,  film productions are still a man’s world.  The director hopes that in the future, man and woman of all nationalities, would  have the chance to make films , to shine and  to tell their own stories. 

At PUFF Experimental film screening March 2016
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