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This year's official selection comes from 29 countries ; 22% of the films are by women with 10 Asia premieres.  PUFF congratulates all filmmakers and their crew for their passion and hard work.  

Films in Competition 

Courageous, outstanding, extraordinary : our filmmakers strives to make their voices heard.  

Films in competition includes films made in India ( A Simple Notes ), from Brazil  ( Burkina Rising ) , from our own Hong Kong ( Creativity is ) , from Japan ( Captain Vivid ), Skycrapers ( France ) and many more.   

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Filmmaker Spotlight 2019


Interview with Iara Lee, director of Burkina Rising

Burkina Rising  2018 ( USA / Brazil ) 

Most people don’t even know Burkina Faso is a country”, the director Iara Lee said, this “can create dismissal but it can also spark curiosity”.

Burkina Faso is this little, landlocked country in Africa, where the people made a revolution through their coming together”, Iara said,  people “… removed a dictator who had been glued to power for 27 years and wanted to modify an article of the constitution, in order to extend his term even further!”.

“Burkina Faso is such a small country but very multicultural, with estimated 70 languages, more than 60 ethnic groups and different religions coexisting, including African animism”, …despite their differences, people throughout the country were able to contribute to this powerful revolution that changed the destiny of the country in 2014”.

“The attitude that I encountered was one of a lot of solidarity, especially among young people who are pursuing a common vision of a better future”, 


Sound , Film & Scores Showcase
15 August 2019 @ Terrible Baby

9:00pm Film Screening
10:00pm Q&A with Fatema, Juan and Isaac
10:30pm Yum Check live

1. Dialectic Diary (2018,15m)
Mike Schaefer, Germany 

2. Beekeepers in Glostrup (2016 ,8m)
Fatema Abdoolcarim & Juan Palacios, Netherlands/HK

3. As The Jet Engine Recall (2016,11m)
Juan Palacios, HK
4.音速Yum Cheuk-Speed of Sound
 (2018,19m)Isaac Bertulis-Webb, U.K./HK

Jenn Leung