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PUFF Film Festival 2019

Official Selection

Feature Films

Short Films

Audience Corner

PUFF Festival 2019 at KINO Eaton

August, Hong Kong

PUFF is looking to present a new exciting program in the coming 2019 season. It will be held at the amazing new state of the art 4K & DCP theatre at KINO Eaton Hong Kong.   

Our main program for 2019 will be held in August at KINO Eaton ; dates will be announced in July. 

Click here to see photos of our screenings on March 6 & 14th 2019

Meet Filmmakers!


We invite filmmakers from all over the world to speak and do Q&As at each screening. 

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KOWLOON, HONG KONG, +852 2782 1818

PUFF Screenings

Festival 2020 logo.png
Eaton Kino

Eaton KINO Theatre 2019

PUFF Festival TV 2020

Film Festival Hong Kong

Opening 2018 at D2

Art Central

6 day New Frontier Program at Art Central Auditorium 2016

Black Box Theatre

University of Hong Kong 2015

Clockenflap Film Tent

3 day program : Clockenflap FILM TENT 2012 & 2013

URBN Shanghai

Secret Cinema at URBN Shanghai, the first carbon neutral hotel in Shanghai and sponsor of filmmaker in residence 2013 & 2014

PUFF 2014

Hong Kong Indie Showcase at XXX Gallery 2014

White Noise Hong Kong

Sound and original music at White Noise 2015

Filmmakers and Producers Corner


Submission to PUFF 2020 is now open!

PUFF 2019 @ Kino The Eaton 
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Filmmaking as a Lifelong Passion

We are searching for filmmakers and writers who are passionate about the craft of film. We support those who pursue film as a career or otherwise. We are on the look out for film in its purest form; a well-told story without the need for big budgets or fancy technology, but filmmakers with courage and determination. 

The PUFF Indie Film Awards

One Indie Film Award is presented to a filmmaker or a team of filmmakers who have made outstanding achievements each year. The winner will be awarded with an investment in developing their next feature film project (this project must be over 90 minutes in length). The winner(s) will also have exclusive access to PUFF's affiliations, which include over 350 film crews, actors and technicians from around the world.

Submit to PUFF 2020 now!

Diversity & Women Filmmakers


PUFF's film programs aim to creating discussions and changing perspectives.  We encourage women and people from minority groups to have a voice by making films. 


In many countries, less than 10% of funding for film is awarded to female directors. PUFF has been involved in partnerships to help finance and make connections for women filmmakers. PUFF has volunteer mentors who can help you with writing proposals or connect you with other film festivals.    


Please note that all female filmmakers from the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia countries are eligible for full submission waivers.  Below are links to more online resources. 

3 Funding

crowdfunding, angel investment,

joining a film company or all of the above

7 Creative PR

Work with film festivals and art markets ; create  media presence ; involve your whole team.  Never give up.

4 Essentials

Pay your most important people first : DP and sound

1 Star power

write a part specifically for an actor ; try to write more than one feature film script 

2 Producer 

find a good core team

5  There is always another way

animation, documentary ; find a new way to make your movie

6  Showing your film

Negotiate a distribution deal before you make the movie. Online streaming ; platforms around the world

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