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Juicy & Spiky : that's what PUFF films are all about - a critical counterweight to main stream thinking, mass media and cinema spectacles that we sometimes are forced to consume. 


PUFF is indie filmmaking at its best; with stories that ignite the senses and provoke the emotions. We look for filmmakers that defy the status quo in how a story can be told, or how a film can be produced or financed. 

Showcasing Passions : PUFF has the spirit of a world citizen.  We are based in the international financial city of Hong Kong and we have worked with filmmakers from over 30 countries.   PUFF films had screened in many amazing locations , including the film tent at a local music festival, The HKU Black Box Theatre, Run Run Shaw Theatre and most recently at the CAFA Museum.  


PUFF 2018 will be screening at D2 Place, Mustard Seed by EEG, the Hong Kong Art Centre and the Internet heartland of China's Millennials : OCT Shenzhen.


PUFF announces its new Over-Top-Top indie film channel 

Revolutions in giving more power to the indie filmmakers :  PUFF was started by filmmakers with a view to changing how independent films are curated and viewed by the audience.  We saw the fast changing pace in filmmaking technologies and distribution channels.  Our filmmaker alumni now has a new way to showcase their old and new work.  

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